Terra Nova Jupiter Bivi Bag

This is an expensive but excellent Bivi bag ideal for the person who wants to travel light.  I have used this bivi for years with no leaks and great service. It is in many ways a lazy man’s tent requiring virtually no effort to set up or pack away. The main tent / bivi is a one piece set with a dark green (my preference) or orange upper and a black waterproof Waterbloc fabric groundsheet which is built in. A single precurved aluminium pole attaches about 32 inches from the front and provides head room inside. This pole is linked by cord and folds down easily, it virtually assembles itself and a quick flick of the wrist will often assemble the pole in seconds. It is then a simple question of placing the various pegs 2 in bottom, 2 at front and 2 by the pole down from the entrance these keep the tent taut and the pole raised.

The Bag is small and for those of you of shorter stature this is fine but I doubt someone 6ft tall or well built would find it comfy. At 5ft 6” I find I have enough room once in to store boots and other items in the porch. It is easiest to remove boots and enter the bag backwards then grabbing your boots etc and placing them in porch. It has minimal room and is really just a sleeping unit although it has a fly sheet which can be zipped up leaving the front door open so you can look out and chat.

The shell is a 3 layer Gore-tex Nexus shell which has never failed to be waterproof and I have never experience ANY condensation inside the tent. It is not for the claustrophobic as once inside you zip yourself completely into the tent sealing the front. That said the breathable skin means that ventilation is excellent even in hot and humid conditions.  I found it a very comfortable tent although getting dressed while inside it requires considerable skill and wriggling much to the amusement of any on lookers.

Being a Bivi design it is easy to ‘pitch’ in small sheltered places on the hills and once inside snug, warm and dry it’s a great feeling. I normally carry a heavy duty survival bag in which I store my pack and kit over night while in the bag. I have used the tent for 7 days while walking Hadrian’s Wall and found it fine for my needs but you need to be a disciplined camper to do this. Obviously you give up space and room for huge savings in weight and size as it rolls easily into the bag provided (a separate bag for pole and pegs also fits inside). If you are looking for a Bivi then look no further.


Integral storm flap

External no see um mesh door

Half moon foot

0.825 kgs weight including poles!

Size 2.3 meters x 70 cm x 45cm