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Navigation / camp craft books

Book CoverMountaincraft and Leadership, Eric Langmuir, The definitive text on mountain navigation, weather, group leadership and survival cover cover

Book CoverMountain Navigation, Peter Cliff , an easy to read book on navigation very useful for beginners cover cover

Book CoverWeather for Hillwalkers and Climbers, Malcolm Thomas, looks at all aspects of mountain weather and allows you to make forecasts based on sky and weather conditions. cover cover


Book CoverOn Peak Rock, Geoff Milburn & Carl Dawson. A guide to climbing in the Peak District that covers 1,500 different routes! cover cover

Book CoverComplete Guide to Rope Techniques, Nigel Shepherd, a useful and up to date guide to ropes. cover cover

Book CoverTouching the Void, Joe Simpson, a classic tale of survival. cover cover

Book CoverThe Mountain Skills Training Handbook, Pete Hill, Stuart Johnston, A useful book covering many aspects of mountain skill, well worth a read cover cover

Book Cover Life and Limb, Jamie Andrew , This is a superb and very moving true story of Jamie Andrew who in 1999 lost his best friend in a climbing accident in the Alps. During his recovery to save his life from the affects of serve frostbite he had to have both hands and both feet amputated. cover cover

Book CoverThe White Spider, Heinrich Herrer , This is a traditional mountaineering book which tells the harrowing tale of the first ascent of the Eiger’s north wall. Written by Heinrich Herrer, now famous for his book Seven years in Tibet with the forward written by Joe Simpson author of Touching the Void. . cover cover

DVD and Videos

Book CoverTouching the Void: an amazing film of a true story. cover cover

Book CoverThe Face - Six Great Climbing Adventures: Can’t get your climbing fix? Then watch this! 6 great climbs in very diverse areas from snow to deserts to watery islands off Vietnam.. cover cover