Puffball fungus (giant)

Link to picture of Puff Ball fungusA distinctive white fungus ball found in meadows, pastures and in undergrowth. Most commonly found between July and November in the UK. The fungi is a white ball shape with almost no stalk on average 4 to 12 inches diameter although rare examples have been recorded at 4ft in diameter ! A large example will provide food for several people but as with all fungi must be picked and eaten while fresh, the white flesh quickly turning yellow and then green as it decomposes. The best flavour is to be found in the giant variety but all types are edible. There are 3 main species

Link to picture of puff ball fungusVascellum pratense, which can be found on short grass such as lawns and golf courses

Lycoperdon perlatum, found in woodlands

Lycoperdon pyriforme, found in woodlands

Puffballs can be frozen for storage or as the Victorians recommended a slice cut from a large one and then return to it the next day to cut another slice. Puffballs can be fried in butter, stewed in milk, stuffed and naked or added to salads. It is worth remembering the following points

Apply all the guidelines to picking fungi