Skomer Vole (Myodes glareolus skomerensis)

The Skomer Vole is a sub species of the Bank vole and is unique among British Voles in that it lives on an offshore Island, in this case the Island of Skomer in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  It is only found in this location but due to the lack of land based predators it has thrived among the bracken on the island. It is estimated that during the summer months the Vole population could be as high as 20,000. The Vole is however not without predators on the island as the resident short eared owls prey on the voles especially when they have young of their own.

The Voles are short lived and survived around 18 months at best, at their largest they are only 12 cm and weight a maximum of 40g. They can be identified from other small rodents due to their blunt nose, small eyes and ears.  They typically feed on fresh buds, leaves and the occasional small insect; they have been seen climbing in search of food. They can be active throughout a whole 24 hour period so can be seen day or night but take frequent rest periods.

Skomer is a national nature reserve, a site of special scientific interest, and an Area of special protection. The Island is currently uninhabited