Survival Tips

This section will contain our articles on survival tips and skills.

Mountain Rescue: Could be important at any time.

Route Planning: An essential skill for anyone walking in the hills

Wind Chill Factor: What it is and how to work it out.

Insect bites and parasites: A look at the various things that can take a bit out of you in the countryside.

Psychology of Survival: We all like to think that if it came to the crunch we would strive to survive and that we would not just give up. Find out how in this article.

Jungle Survival: The world’s jungles are some of the most spectacular and most hostile environments in the world.

Arctic Survival This article covers the basic principles of survival in arctic conditions

We continue our series of survival articles with a look at Desert Survival

Snowshoes are an ancient way of walking on deep snow. They work on a simple principle of spreading the weight of the wearer by increased surface area meaning that the wearer doesn’t sink so deep into the snow

Evading Trackers: How to avoid pursuit.

Effects of Heat and Cold on the Human Body: A look at the effects of Heat and Cold, from heat stroke to hypothermia.