What to Look for in a Lightweight Tent

Outdoor activities are particularly popular in the summertime and its easy to see why. Outdoor activities have numerous benefits, they get you into the great outdoors so you can take in and enjoy the great British countryside. Fun outdoor activities are also great for your health, there is a sport or activity for everyone regardless of their age or fitness level. Hiking is a great outdoor activity, suitable for almost everyone. Hiking enables you to get some adventure in to your life and you can go at your own pace taking in the scenery as you go along. There are fantastic hiking opportunities across the country meaning you will never have to travel far to take part in this activity. Many people combine hiking with the fun activity of camping. A camping trip is a great way of winding down and escaping from the stresses of every day life. When combined with a hiking trip, it means you don`t have to seek out expensive accommodation and can be more flexible over where you walk.

However, it is important to choose the correct tent when camping. If you are hiking you should consider taking a lightweight tent. This is important as you will be carrying it around on your back all day. Lightweight tents have been made as a result of a great deal of research and innovation. It is important that lightweight tents are still secure and sturdy enough to withstand weather conditions and last a long time, this is achieved through special design features. Top brands who invest in the latest technology include Terra Nova, Vango and Mountain Equipment.

There are many things you will need to consider when choosing a lightweight tent. The tent you require will differ depending on what you are planning on using it for. First think of the weather conditions you will be using your tent in. If you tend to hike in areas which regularly experience rainfall you should ensure your tent has a large rainfly to store your belongings under. Also have a think about how severe the weather conditions may be, you should always prepare for the worst. Three seasons tents will be adequete if you may experience wind and rain, it also protects against light snowfall. However, if you think heavy snowfall or particularly cold conditions may be a possibility, a four seasons tent will give you more protection.

In terms of materials, Nylon is most popular in tents. This is because it is lightweight and durable. It is the best option for those who are walking or hiking. If you are expecting humidity, through high temperatures or rain, make sure you have a decent sized vestibule for breathability. You should be able to get these features from top manufacturers of lightweight tents which include The North Face, Confidence, Aztec amongst others.