Common Sorrell,(Rumex Acetosa)

Sorrell is one of the earliest green leaf plants to appear in spring in the UK and is widespread throughout Europe. It normally grows in places where there is grass such as roadsides, some heaths and meadows/ pastures.  In such places it is distinctive growing to an impressive height often reaching over a meter tall and sometimes as high as 47 inches (120cm).  It leaves clasp the stem near the top of the plant and are arrow shaped with spikes of small red flowers appearing on a smooth stalk between May and August.

Food uses; In parts of Northern England and the Midlands it has been used in fruit tarts to replace apples before they were readily available early in the spring, In France it is often added to potato dishes and to fatty dishes such as pork or oily fish where its sharp acidic taste provides contrast, although too acidic for some tastes the leaves can be used in omelettes, soups (with yoghurt or crème fresh to soften the taste), and Salads.