Hawthorn (Crataegus Monogyma)

The Hawthorn is a common British Shrub growing in hedges, woods and virtually any common ground throughout the UK and Europe.  It grows up to 8 meters (28ft high) with green glossy leaves and distinctive spiked branches.  The flowers which appear from April to June are white or pink and strongly scented.

The leaves and the berries can be eaten and it is sometimes nicknamed ‘Bread and Cheese’ not because of the taste but because in some areas Hawthorn was a basic food stuff in the past. The leaves are best picked in April have a nutty taste while the berries (Haws) are very abundant during autumn with the bushes often heavily laden with clusters of the dark red berries which resemble small round rose hips. The leaves and the berries (sometimes made into jelly) make a good accompaniment cheese in salads or sandwiches.