Binsey and Over Water

Map for Binsey and Over WaterThis medium length walk visits Binsey, one of the outlying fells of the Lake District. Despite its modest height Binsey's location means the views from the summit are quite spectacular, and include a sweeping panorama towards the Solway, a full view of Skiddaw, and most impressively the full length view of Bassenthwaite with the Newlands and Borrowdale summits arrayed at the end of the lake.

Ascent: 1,000ft
Length: 5.5 miles
Map: Lakes North West
Last Walked: August 2009

We start from the small car park at Over Water.

1: NY 255 353
Overwater from BinseyTurn right from the parking space, and then left at the T-junction. Follow this road as it climbs up to the west, passing Over Water to the left. This section of the walk offers superb views of Skiddaw and the fells that cluster around it.
2: NY 236 348
Follow the road all the way to a T-junction with a slightly bigger road. Turn right onto this road, and follow it as it climbs up more steeply. Two more T-junctions follow rapidly - take the left hand turn in both cases. The second turn brings us to a small parking area on the side of Binsey. Take the stile that crosses the wall to the right.
3: NY 235 351

This brings us to the foot of a clear grassy path that has been cleared up the side of the fell. Follow this path all the way to the rocky summit of Binsey, a very impressive viewpoint, especially considering the size of the fell.

Summit of BinseyView north from BinseySkiddaw from Binsey

4: NY 225 355
After exploring the very top of the fell, take a narrow footpath that heads south towards the southern edge of the summit plateau and the best view of Bassenthwaite Lake. Just before reaches the southern viewpoint we cross a faint track that runs east-west across the fell. After enjoying the view turn onto this track and follow it back east towards the stile.
5: NY 235 351
Once over the stile at the foot of Binsey turn left. At the first T-junction turn right, then at the second T-junction turn left.
6: NY 243 362
We follow this road for just over three quarters of a mile, until we reach a point where a small road joins from the left while a bridle way leaves to the right. Turn right and follow the bridle way across the fields until it reaches another small road. Turn right onto this road and follow it as it climbs up to Armathwaite Head, where it turns right and drops down hill steeply back to our starting point at Over Water.