Shores of Coniston Water

Map for walk around Coniston WaterThis is a short walk that begins with a trip on the Coniston ferry, before returning around the northern shore of the lake. The start is practically good if you can catch the steam yacht Gondola on one of its circular trips, with a long loop south from Coniston to Brantwood.

Ascent: 200ft/ 60m
Length: 2.5 miles/ 4km
Map: Explorer 07 English Lakes South East
Last Walked: 7 October 2007

There is car parking at the pier used by the steam launch in Coniston.

1 (SD 307 970)
Figurehead on the GondolaStart by taking the ferry from Coniston Pier to Brantwood.
2 (SD 311 957)

Follow the path from the Brantwood landing up to the road that runs down the eastern side of the lake. Turn left onto the road and follow it past some woods.

3 (SD 315 965)
Old Man of ConistonAfter about half a mile turn left onto a footpath that runs downhill across the fields between the road and the lake.
4 (SD 316 970)

Yewdale FellsThis path crosses two farm tracks. Just after crossing the second track look for an alley between two stone walls (on the left). Head down this alley into a small field. The path then runs into a larger field where it becomes much clears and the reaches another track. Follow this track onto a minor road.

5 (SD 318 974)

Turn left onto this road, which runs around the northern shore of Coniston.

6 (SD 314 979)

Coniston Water from the north This road ends at a T-junction. Turn left here and follow the path, which now runs behind a hedge on the opposite side of the road to the lake.

7 (SD 308 975)

Follow this path until it passes a group of buildings. Soon after this, turn left through a gate onto a track that heads towards the lake shore. Follow this track down to the water and then follow it as it runs along the lake shore back to Coniston Pier.