Latterbarrow from Hawkshead

Map for walk up LatterbarrowThis walk takes us to Latterbarrow, an excellent viewpoint for the northern part of the Windermere, starting from the pretty village of Hawkshead. This route sticks to the roads, although it is possible to start by using the field paths to cross the valley between the village and the hill.

Ascent: 580ft/ 175m
Length: 2.9 miles/ 4.7km
Map: Explorer 07 The English Lakes South Eastern Area
Last Walked: 11 October 2007

We start from the main car park at the south eastern corner of Hawkshead.

1: SD 353 981

Leave the car park via the small gate at its southern end. Turn left onto the road outside the car park, and follow it as it heads across the valley.

2: SD 355 980

This road takes us across the t-junction at the southern edge of Hawkshead, then crosses Black Beck. Just after crossing the beck turn left onto a minor road that heads towards the hamlet of Colthouse. Follow this road through the hamlet, and then north towards Latterbarrow.

3: SD 361 991

After about half a mile we pass a t-junction, where a minor road joins from the left. Soon after this turn right onto a footpath that begins to climb up away from the road.

4: SD 363 991

Follow this path until it splits in two. At this point take the left hand branch, which crosses a stream and then climbs quite steeply up to the north-west corner of the summit of Latterbarrow, before turning a little to the right to reach the summit cairn (an impressively tall monument).

LatterbarrowHawkshead from LatterbarrowWindermere from Latterbarrow

5: SD 367 991

We are going to use an alternative path to return to the road. At the monument stand with Windermere to the left and Hawkshead to the right, facing south towards the wooded hills that line the lake. Head across the open ground around the monument. This will bring us to the start of a footpath that runs down the southern flank of the fell. Follow this path.

6: SD 367 988
This brings us to a T-junction at the base of the slope. Turn right onto this path, and follow it back to the road. Turn left onto the road, head past the first T-junction, and return to the main road, then turn right onto that road to return to Hawkshead.