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Book CoverThe Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion, George Frazer, The classic text for the serious student of social anthropology. It is a fascinating book which traces the origins of religion and belief in magic in Europe. It shows the roots of many of European Christianity’s beliefs and practises, many of which have surprising pagan roots. [see more] cover cover

Book CoverSex Spells: The Magical Path to Erotic Bliss, Stella Damiana, A small but very stylish and well designed book written by a long time practising pagan. The book covers one of the most common area of interest for practitioners of the craft that of using pagan magic to improve your sex life. [see more] cover cover

Dictionary of Demons: A Guide to Demons and Demonologists in Occult Lore, Fred Gettings, A fascinating dictionary of Demons and demonologists in myth and lore. Packed full of illustrations some black and white and some colour plates, as well as photographs it makes a very interesting read. [see more] cover cover

The Druid Source Book, John Matthews, A well researched and very detailed book written by a modern druid. It covers the wide range of druid traditions past and present. [see more] cover cover

Practical Celtic Magic, Murray Hope, A nice easy read and introduction with some useful diagrams [see more] cover cover